Card List

Here’s a card list of the cards that have been spoilered so far. ┬áSome of the quality isn’t great because they are scans or pictures from phones.

Abomination, Acolyte of Pain, Alarm-O-Bot, Alexstraza, Ancestral Healing

Acolyte of Pain
Ancestral Healing


Ancestral Spirit, Ancient Brewmaster, Ancient of Lore, Ancient Watcher, Arathi Weaponsmith


Ancestral Spirit
Ancient Brewmaster
Ancient of Lore
Ancient Watcher
Arathi Weaponsmith


Arcane Explosion, Arcane Golem, Arcane Intellect, Arcanite Reaper

Arcane Explosion
Arcane Golem
Arcane Intellect
Arcanite Reaper

Archmage Antonidas, Argent Squire

Archmage Antonidas
Argent Squire


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